What Is SendGrid?

SendGrid is a platform based in Denver, CO, for managing transactional and marketing emails. Thanks to its aggressive marketing campaigns, SendGrid’s cloud platform (also known as Twilio Sendgrid) is well known among both experienced and new marketers.

Its difficult and unhelpful customer service is also well-known among both experienced and new marketers.

There’s Only One Alternative to SendGrid: turboSMTP

Have you been burned by an attempt to contact SendGrid customer service?

Have you spent hours trying to get someone to pick up the phone, answer an email, or deliver an answer to a ticket? Has SendGrid left you with a deliverability problem you couldn’t solve — and that it couldn’t be bothered to help you solve?

It’s time to look around for new opportunities.

Transactional emails and commercial emails are the business card of your company. You can’t succeed without them. That is why it is essential for you to optimize your delivery rate, and to have a team of experts at your disposal who deal 24/7 with managing deliverability issues and guiding you to the right email communication strategy, one suitable for your business and your needs.

At turboSMTP, we offer you everything you have with SendGrid, and more. You’ll be able to:

  • Send transactional and commercial emails
  • Enjoy secure and whitelisted servers and IPs
  • Use APIs and plugins for developers
  • See complete statistics in real time
  • Build content with a newsletter template editor

And we’ll also give you:

  • professional support
  • reliable infrastructure
  • right sized solutions

turboSMTP is the best alternative to SendGrid because it is a 100% professional product with reliable and expert customer service, available 24/7.

Maximum deliverability is our goal. We constantly work to ensure that your emails always reach your recipients’ inboxes. We are committed to guaranteeing you the best experience possible thanks to our custom platform, our reliable infrastructure, our email delivery system that scales with you and our professional, dedicated team.

We Are Proud of our Professional Support

In a field as complex as email deliverability, professional assistance is priceless. With turboSMTP, you’ll have a team of experts working for you in real time to solve your deliverability problems and help with your email marketing strategies. It’s the best deal you can find.

turboSMTP is the only SMTP server that provides efficient, customer support via ticket, chat, and telephone. It’s our dedication to your success that most differentiates us from SendGrid — and we are proud of it.

Whitelisted Servers and IPs

We use reliable and secure servers to guarantee you a maximum delivery rate. We maintain close relationships with major email providers to ensure that our servers are always whitelisted.

Tailored Consultancy Service

Our team of technicians and consultants offers 24/7 customer service that not only handles deliverability issues, but is also available to build ad hoc email marketing campaign strategies for companies.

All our plans are customizable according to your needs. Just explain to customer support what you want to do, and they’ll tailor a plan just for you.

Move your business from SendGrid to turboSMTP
We’ll help you do it!