turboExecutive is a professional email delivery tool that notifies you in real time when recipients receive, read, or click on your emails.

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turboExecutive combines a dedicated SMTP service that guarantees secure delivery with a new system that checks your email status in real time. However you send your messages, you’ll always be able to see when they’re delivered, read, and clicked.

  • turboExecutive is available for all your platforms

    turboExecutive is available
    for all your platforms

    You can use turboExecutive with all your business email addresses and software, including Outlook, Mail, and Thunderbird. turboExecutive is available for Android, iOS, and Linux. If you use Outlook, we’ll give you a special plugin.

  • turboExecutive is quick

    is quick

    turboExecutive gives you the information you need right away. You won’t even need to log in.

  • turboExecutive is intuitive

    is intuitive

    The status of your email is always clear, and shows you when your message has been delivered. Red, orange, and green tags tell you whether you need to stop and wait for the next step, or whether you’re good to go.

Designed for every device, every mail client, and every business role

turboExecutive is a vital tool for administrators, sellers, team managers and for anyone who wants to make sure that their emails reach their recipients. It beats the limits of free SMTP services which often send emails to spam, and it tells you when the recipient of an email has interacted with your campaign.
Stop wondering whether someone got your message. End worries about whether they’ve read it or clicked the link. turboExecutive will let you know as soon as your message arrives, when it’s read, and when it’s acted on. That’s something everyone needs to know:

  • turboExecutive is the right solution for Freelancers


    Simplify your activities and your time management with secure email delivery. Use turboExecutive to send quotes, proposals, invoices, and other important communications to your clients. Monitor deliveries, openings, and clicks in real time wherever you are.

  • turboExecutive is the right solution for Lawyers


    Send deeds and documents to your clients, and be certain that your emails will arrive at their destination. Take note of the receipt date to schedule any reminders.

  • turboExecutive is the right solution for Doctors


    Use email as a safe and guaranteed delivery channel to communicate with your patients. Issue reminders, updates, health advice, and other important information.

  • turboExecutive is the right solution for Administrators


    Save time by sending administrative documents, invoices, and other communications to your employees via email. Monitor deliveries and openings in real time.

  • turboExecutive is the right solution for Business owners

    Business owners

    Update your customers and build a close relationship with suppliers through the secure delivery of catalogue updates and order confirmation emails. Track openings and clicks to make sure everyone stays informed.

  • turboExecutive is the right solution for Managers


    Send business partners, associates, and employees a professional service and reliable delivery statistics.

  • turboExecutive is the right solution for Team managers

    Team managers

    Make sure that your emails reach their destinations, and track their status, openings, and clicks. Efficient team management needs a secure communication flow.

  • turboExecutive is the right solution for Sales staff

    Sales staff

    Improve your results with the secure delivery of your quotes and offers. Track your messages and always know the right time to call back and close the deal.

Plans and Prices

Start tracking your emails with turboExecutive right now.


    Executive 100

    € 1900/month

    Annual payment

    100 emails/day

    FREE TRIAL 15 days*

    *no credit card required for FREE TRIAL activation


  • Executive 500

    € 2900/month

    Annual payment

    500 emails/day


  • Multi Account

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    No limits


turboExecutive Smarthost Apps for All Operating Systems

The turboExecutive Smarthost App is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems.
Set your SMTP parameters, and turboExecutive will let you know the delivery status of your email in real time. For each email you send, you’ll know when your recipient receives it, when they open it and when they click on the contents. turboExecutive also tells you if your contact has displayed the email on a desktop or a mobile device.



  • MAC OS






  • IOS


The turboExecutive plugin for Outlook

turboExecutive is also available with an Outlook-specific plugin. You’ll be able to see updates of the emails you sent from Outlook in real time, ensuring that you never miss a click!


    Download 32bit Download 64bit

Find out how to set up your email client


Will the email recipient know that I am using turboExecutive?

No. If you don’t tell them, your email recipients won’t know that you are using turboExecutive.

What is the difference between turboExecutive and a delivery confirmation?

Besides being a more intrusive system, delivery confirmation must be set for each email or for all sent emails. Recipients, too, can choose whether to let you know that they’ve read the message.
turboExecutive automatically updates delivery notifications in each email client you have connected whenever the status of the sent email changes. You will always be able to see whether the recipient has opened your message and even when they’ve clicked its links.

What devices and softwares can I use with turboExecutive?

turboExecutive is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, and works with all popular mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) A specific plugin is available for Outlook.
We designed turboExecutive for institutional emails but it can also be used with mail services such as Gmail, provided that the email address has its own domain. For example: turboExecutive can’t track an address like name.surname@gmail.com, but it will track name.surname@companyname, even if the message is sent or opened on Gmail with G Suite.

Can I use turboExecutive with my free webmail?

turboExecutive is designed to be connected to institutional email accounts that use official or business email addresses. It won’t work with a Gmail address, for example, but it will work with a company email address like name.surname@company.it even if it’s accessed on Gmail.

What are the advantages of turboExecutive?

turboExecutive lets you check in real time the status of your sent emails. It gives you the benefits of a professional SMTP service: secure and guaranteed sending with maximum email delivery rates.

Can I use turboExecutive with a generic email address?

Yes, you can use turboExecutive with email addresses such as info@companyname.it, administration@companyname.it, and so on. You can use turboExecutive with any email address that uses a personal or corporate domain.

Do I have to change my email software to use turboExecutive?

No. turboExecutive works with all popular email services, even those on mobile devices. It is consistent with Apple iPhone, Apple Mail, Apple iPad, Samsung Mail, Google Android, Outlook (with a specific plugin), and Thunderbird.

Is turboExecutive difficult to use?

No, it’s a breeze! After installation and set-up, it activates itself and shows a notification every time the sent email status changes.

How can I set up my email client for turboExecutive?

Follow this simple tutorial and configure TurboExecutive in your favorite email client: a guide to mail clients settings.

How can you set up the email authentication?

Here are some simple steps to be recognized as an authorized and secure sender by email services: guide to email authentication settings.